Garklet #2

18 December 2011

We have a name! Cornelius Patrick, or Cor(e)y for short*

Issy's paternal grandfather was called Cornelius, and was known as Cory (or possibly Corey) when younger. The Patrick is in memory of Nick's Aunt Pat, who died over the August bank holiday this year.

* We've yet to decide on the spelling

16 December 2011

Garklet #2 (an as-yet-unnamed boy) was born at 0036 on the morning of Friday 16th December 2011. Birth weight was 3110g (6lb 14oz in old money). Both he and Issy are back home and settling in happily (as of Saturday lunchtime).

3 June 2011

10 May 2011

27 April 2011

Garklet #1

15 May 2007

A selection of photos of Alex from March '07 through to early May '07, including visiting his great-grandad in March (and seeing Granny Stark again), a day out to HMS Victory at Easter, fascination with the baby in the mirror at his first ever SF convention, visiting his granny and grandpa Gibbins, fun in his cot on his five month birthday and his first ever taste of food, namely a carrot baton swiped from his mum's plate.

19 March 2007

Some more snaps of Alex from his first three months, including his first ever bottle of breastmilk at 6 weeks, his February trip to Cheshire to see his great-grandad, great aunt (with granny there too) and ending with photos of his trip (by plane!) in March to visit his granny and grandad Stark in N. Ireland.

3 January 2007

A selection of photos from Alex's first four weeks are here.

7 December 2006 - The Garklet has landed!

Alexander Iain was born at two minutes past midnight on the 7th December 2006, and weighed a healthy 7lb3. Both Issy and Alex are doing well.

23 September 2006

Issy in late September.

30 Jun 2006 (19w3d)

No labels this time, since it's a bit more self-explanatory. Everything looked fine, no visible defects, so we'll have to work on that through our parenting technique.

Face down at to the right, spine at top. Note the long legs (around 75th percentile)!

Face up and to the right. You can just see a hand near the mouth. Not very clear as the garklet was no co-operating.

Face down and to the right. Very clear picture of the vertebrae, skull and jaw.

First Scan

Expected Due Date: 21st November 2006

Scan at 12 Weeks, 1 day

6.5cm (2 5/8") crown-rump length